Our history

Founded in Pienza, in 1972
Bottega Verde was founded in an area of Italy between Florence and Siena, in a small Tuscan town called Pienza that has been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its natural, artistic and cultural attractions.

This home to tradition, which nestles amongst hills, vineyards and wheat fields, was opened in 1972 as a small herbalist shop with a passion for artisanal production and the sale of cosmetics made from natural active ingredients.

Italy's No.1 today
Bottega Verde had already become an extremely promising business by the early 1990s: authentic, sincere and dedicated to women, but with plenty of potential to achieve more.

The group that purchased Bottega Verde - with a good deal of business experience after years in the direct marketing sector - decided to focus on the cosmetics sector, transforming Bottega Verde into a nationwide success with great enthusiasm and intuition.

Bottega Verde: important dates

1972: starts life as a small herbalist store in Tuscany
1996: the first pilot store opens, paving the way for the single-brand stores to come
2000: the e-commerce site opens its doors online
2010: Italy's n°1 business manufacturing and selling cosmetics containing natural active ingredients, with more than 6 million clients

Science and Nature

Nature comes first
Bottega Verde believes in authentic, natural beauty, where the focus is on the teachings of Nature.Harmony, balance and wellness are the starting points for every Bottega Verde product formula, as confirmed by more than 300 natural active ingredients that form part of the precious heritage behind the cosmetics.

Breakthrough Scientific Leaders
Many exclusive patents and innovative ideas have come out of the R&D Laboratory at Bottega Verde: ideas that combine the bio-responsible use of natural active ingredients with cutting-edge technologies.

Every process is controlled directly and the production plants have ISO 9002 Quality Systems certification. The prestigious Italian Universities of Milan and Pavia - which have been working with Bottega Verde from the very beginning - assure the quality of the products certified in their laboratories.


A simple, direct philosophy
Bottega Verde is completely quality-focused: from product ideas, to their development, clinical testing, and even to details like packaging. And to keep quality consistent for our customers, everything is done in-house.

The Bottega Verde Difference
Our laboratories work with our clients to not only improve our current line of products, but to create and provide products that people want. This constructive collaboration lays the foundation for the more than 100 new products we develop each year. Even with so many new products being developed, we make it our mission to make it easy to find the products that are right for you

Our cosmetics

Quality and innovation
Values like quality and tradition have always been our strong points, while our ability to innovate enables us to offer original solutions to fulfill our customers' needs.
Bottega Verde has a vast range of different products - a full assortment to cover all beauty care and body treatment requirements, introducing more than 100 new items every year, many of which are original and without any equivalent on the marketplace

Our product lines
Bottega Verde creates many products, all of which are unique, effective and easy to apply. When using our products, simply close your eyes and think of Italy, with its wonderful sunshine and marvelous natural gifts.

You can choose from a variety of different treatments, find the active ingredients that best suit your beauty needs and create a full-body experience... everything from delicate perfumes to intense fragrances and exclusive face and body treatments, which leave your skin moisturized, soft and glowing. And above all, there is always a product specially tailored to suit every woman's beauty needs.

Only the best for you
Bottega Verde is now bringing its very best lines to you. These are our bestsellers - the items that have satisfied our Italian customers for years. These products have been handpicked for the foreign market, and we will be introducing new products with exclusive active ingredients every year.

Skin Care : Complete face care solutions. To suit all requirements. For any age.
Bath & Body : Sensory emotions: scented bath and body care products.
Scented Nature : Only the best that Nature has to offer. For all-round beauty.
Bv Specialties : A garden of beauty: a genuine world of fragrance.


Use our award-winning online beauty shop to get high-quality Italian cosmetics delivered to your door.
Based on its huge success in Italy, Bottega Verde is coming to foreign markets through our comprehensive online beauty store. Customers will have all the same benefits and advantages we offer customers here in Italy, such as website content, beauty tips, and the special offers we reserve for customers who register on the site:

Quality Products
Satisfaction Guarantee
• Payment options & Shipping
• Regular special offers and sales

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BV - a few basic facts

1972: Bottega Verde starts life as a small herbalist store.
1992: We expand the ways to shop with us by introducing mail and telephone ordering.
1996: First Bottega Verde cosmetics store opens, selling only our own products (we now have more than 400 stores)
2000: The Italian online beauty website opens its virtual doors
2000: Bottega Verde begins to spread across Europe and around the world through our online beauty stores and by building stores in new countries.
2010: Bottega Verde comes to America.

Bottega Verde today:

No. 1 in Italy for the manufacture and sale of cosmetics using natural active ingredients.
No. 1 in Italy for single-brand beauty stores, with more than 400 retail outlets in Italy and 80 in other countries.
Italy's first beauty industry website with more than 1 million individual hits every month
Italy's no. 1 mail order cosmetics company.
More than 6 million clients in Italy, all natural and beautiful.

Bottega Verde's Plus Points:

Top quality at competitive prices.

Maximum attention to customer needs.

Highly innovation oriented.
Develops exclusive patents in its own laboratories.
More than 100 new items launched every year.
More than 300 active ingredients from natural sources.
38 years of experience: making Nature and Beauty the center of our work since 1972.


Credit card, Paypal or cash on delivery

even in 48/72 hours

30 days



Bottega Verde S.r.l. - Registered offices Palazzo Massaini, 53026 PIENZA (SI) -
Entered in the Register of Companies at the Chamber of Commerce of SIENA under no. 00410200026 VAT reg. no: IT 00823350525 A
AEE reg.no. IT08020000000716 Fully paid-up share capital: Euro 120,000 - Company subject to the direction and coordination of ONIVAL S.r.l.
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