• Order
  • Payment Options
    • How can I pay for my order?
        You are free to choose the method that suits you best: you can pay by credit card: CARTA SI, MASTERCARD, VISA, EUROCARD (except VISA ELECTRON which can be used exclusively for purchases in stores) or PayPal.
    • Credit card
    • Bank transfer
    • Security
      • Is the security of online orders guaranteed?
        All information related to your order, personal data and credit card are defined through a secure and verified protocol. Bottega Verde uses the most advanced processes for data transfer. When paying by credit card, the financial information (card number, expiration date, etc.) is encrypted so that the information is totally secure. In any case the data is not recorded under any circumstances.
  • Products
    • Organization
      • How are the products organized on the website?
        The products are divided into categories according to function and form of use. Below the photo of each product there is a "MORE INFO" button (with the complete description of the product and the photo in larger format) and "Add" to add the product to the cart and proceed with the purchase.
    • Availability
    • Shelf life
      • Do Bottega Verde cosmetics have an expiration date?
        Expiration dates are mandatory, with an indication of the month and year, for cosmetics that do not have a shelf life of more than 30 months. For Bottega Verde products that, by means of accelerated aging tests and microbiological tests, ensure that cosmetics last over 30 months, we use a PAO (post opening period), using the symbol of an open jar to show how many months you can use the product after opening. Thus, paying attention to your health and to your satisfaction, we suggest that you use the products following the indications of the PAO symbol.
  • Registration
    • Login
      • How do I register?
        Click on the login icon at the top right, next to the Cart icon and then click on "Sign up for free". Please provide your personal information by filling in all fields accurately.
      • How do I access MY BV?
        If you have already registered, click on the login icon at the top right corner next to the Cart icon, enter your e-mail address and password you used to register on the site and then click on "Enter".
      • I don't have an e-mail address, can I still register?
        To register on the site you must provide your usual e-mail address (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) and associate a password with it (to guarantee the exclusivity of your registration). The e-mail address must contain the "@" symbol. For example, "". If you do NOT have an e-mail address, please create one before proceeding. You will then be able to register with BV (there are free services available on the market). The e-mail address is essential for communication between the user and the site. IMPORTANT: when you register, write your e-mail address correctly. There should be no spaces between fields (e.g. between username and provider) and no period at the end (e.g.
      • Why does the page crash when I enter my data?
        You probably forgot a required field or entered some data incorrectly. An error message should appear next to the field you need to correct. We advise you to check the data you have entered and to fill in the required fields. If you have any further problems, please contact our customer service.
      • What is My BV?
        If you register you will have the right to access a reserved section called My BV, where you will find: a personal area (where you can manage your personal data, the sending of newsletters, the archive of your orders and more news), a section dedicated to the offers and a section dedicated to the self-assessment tests and Virtual Make-up.
    • Password
      • What is the password?
        It is a secret word of at least 4 digits (letters or code) and is required during the registration phase, together with the personal data and the e-mail address. The combination of e-mail and password ensures the exclusivity of your registration, these data are required every time you need to access the site. The password is very personal: choose one that is easy to remember and do not tell it to anyone.
      • I forgot my password, what can I do?
        If you forget your password, you can ask for it again by clicking on "Have you forgotten your password? Click here" You will have to enter your e-mail address again and you will receive it immediately in your mailbox.
    • Modify data
    • Personal data
    • Newsletter
  • Discounts
    • Promotional code
      • I have a code, how can I use it?
        There is a space, called GREEN BOX code. Enter the code in the provided field and click on enter. The discount will be automatically applied into your cart.
      • How to receive a discount?
        You can receive it in many ways. For example, you can get it by participating in our online games, by filling out our quizzes or simply by being an excellent customer. The only thing to do is to participate in our activities and continue to follow us, so you don't miss any opportunity.
    • Gift Cards
      • How can I buy a gift card?
        At the moment, gift cards are only available in Italy. Please stay tuned for more news. If you bought a gift card by mistake on you will not be able to use it on this site.
  • Shipping
    • Courier
      • How do I know who will deliver my package?
        Upon shipment of your order, you will receive a message to your email address that will allow you to know which courier will take care of delivery and follow, in the following days, all the progress. Bottega Verde usually ships with private courier
    • Delivery times
      • How long will it take to receive my package from Bottega Verde?
        Bottega Verde will use reasonable efforts to ship promptly and if a shipment is expected to be delayed past 30 days, Bottega Verde will send an e-mail to you advising about the delay and providing a new delivery time, which must be acknowledged by you by e-mail confirming this new delivery time. In the absence of such confirmation by you, the order will be subject to cancellation by Bottega Verde. All packages are shipped via Federal Express unless otherwise notified by Bottega Verde.
    • Costs
      • How much are the shipping costs for my package?
        To receive your beauty purchases directly at home, you must add to the total of your order only 5.90 for shipping costs, but keep an eye on our offers that allow you to take advantage of free shipping!
    • Abroad
  • How to use the website
    • Cart
      • I can't get to the checkout
        The "CHECKOUT" button can be clicked only when the minimum order is reached (the minimum order is indicated at the beginning of the cart, under "PRODUCTS").
      • How can I see the contents of my cart?
        To view the contents of your cart, click on the "Go to cart" button. Normally it is also displayed every time you click on "Add" to purchase a product.
    • Search engine
      • How does the search engine work?
        It is very simple. Enter the numeric product code or the name of the product in the space; if you don't know it, use one or two words that can describe the product you are looking for, separated by a space (for example, "hand cream"). ATTENTION: enter the words separated by a space, but do not add any other signs, such as "+", "%", etc. A few moments later you will see the result of your search on the screen.
      • You are not satisfied with the results?
        Click at the bottom of the page to extend your search. You will then get all the products related in some way to the keywords you entered. For example, in this case, with the keyword "dry hair", the search will return all products whose descriptive card contains the word "dry hair", as used mainly in dry hair. You can then sort the results by new products or by offers!



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